Cape Coast, January 11, 2022: University of Cape Coast is the newest awardee selected to receive scientific equipment from Seeding Labs’ Instrumental Access program.

Instrumental Access makes high-quality laboratory equipment and supplies available to university departments and research institutes in developing countries. It is the flagship program of Seeding Labs, a US-based NGO working to empower every scientist to transform the world.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was chosen for the Instrumental Access award after a rigorous and competitive selection process that receives and evaluates applications from institutions around the world. To be considered, applicants outline the ways that an infusion of scientific equipment would remove barriers to STEM education and research at their institution—paving the way for new avenues of scientific inquiry and expanding hands-on opportunities for students.

Equipment provides a foundation for other critical resources that allow scientists to generate new knowledge, leverage sustainable funding, and better prepare university students for the scientific workforce and innovation economy.

To date, the Instrumental Access program has catalyzed scientific innovation at more than 100 universities and institutions in 36 developing countries.

The equipment:

  • Has created hands-on STEM learning opportunities for more than 100,000 students, who have access to Instrumental Access equipment in practical lab sessions and thesis research
  • Catalyzed research projects with $7.2 million of new funding across 34 universities
  • Given more than 2,000 scientific staff at 85 university departments broader research horizons thanks to the availability of more equipment

About School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (SoPPS) in the University of Cape Coast was established in 2018 to train a new breed of innovative and unique pharmacists with the highest professional standards to deliver quality pharmaceutical care. The School runs a six-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) programme and will begin postgraduate programmes during the 2022/2023 academic year. UCC SoPPS is focused on collaborative interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in drug discovery and development using innovative approaches to provide solutions to disease conditions affecting Ghanaians and the world at large using natural and synthetic products. This is being achieved through an integrative drug discovery and development platform to harness the diverse research expertise of its staff and the rich natural resource at the country’s disposal to develop novel treatment alternatives for diseases that threaten health and wellbeing.

Lead applicant of Seedings Lab Instrumental Access Grant multidisciplinary team at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Robert Peter Biney, believes the equipment grant from Seeding Labs will greatly improve research efficiency in the School and place UCC SoPPS in a competitive position to harness its full potential. The equipment grant from Seeding Labs is going to enhance the research output of the multidisciplinary drug discovery teams at the University of Cape Coast to be more competitive to attract larger international funding, engage in top-notch research, and train well-equipped next-generation scientists. It will also contribute significantly to ensuring public safety through safety and efficacy evaluation of commercial herbal medicinal products which is another core area equipment from the grant will be utilized. This award will therefore be beneficial in ultimately promoting healthy life.

About University of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast (UCC) is an equal-opportunity university established in October 1962 as a University College in the coastal city of Cape Coast. The University is currently ranked 4th in Africa in the 2022 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. The University of Cape Coast aims to become a university with worldwide acclaim. It is strongly positioned for innovative teaching, research, outreach, and professional development and has a mission to provide quality education through the provision of comprehensive, liberal, and professional programmes that challenge learners to be creative, innovative, and responsible citizens. UCC currently has 5 Colleges with 14 Faculties and Schools offering a wide range of academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

About Seeding Labs









Seeding Labs is a Boston-based NGO that empowers every scientist to transform the world. Seeding Labs has built a coalition of more than 190 public and private sector partners to provide scientists in developing nations with lab equipment, training, and opportunities to collaborate with experts in their field and to use these vital resources to improve education, research, and economic development.

As of April 2021, Seeding Labs has shipped 293 tons of lab equipment to 90 institutions in 36 countries around the world. Additional information on Seeding Labs and Instrumental Access is available at







Major Kofi Baah-Bentum (Rtd.), Psc APR